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Hunting spots + guides + property+

I've been hunting for a few years and I find that most places require boats, I was wondering if you know of any farms/crownland/marsh/ (that are in the correct zone or hunting spots that are available? Places on land that you could walk out too for hunting?

Looking for turkey/ducks/waterfowl etc

Any information would help this fellow hunter


#hunting #huntingtrip #nowhunting ##waterfowl 
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Hey y’all,lookin to get into duck hunting this November ( with a much more experienced duck hunter) in southern Missouri. Does anyone have any gear/gun tips for a nice starter set, I have various warm/cold weather gear but would like to optimize

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Best pack for SAR? I'm looking at the Mystery Ranch models with the Y zip but unable to get verified since I'm a civilian. Any other brands with easy access to the length of the pack?

#sar #search #searchandrescue #backpacking 
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Can anyone direct me to a really great flashlight? Something small enough to carry anywhere. Something powerful enough to really light things up. I am considering Fenix PD36R. Other options?

Bryan Koontz
Bryan Koontz Hey Joseph - I have that exact Fenix flashlight and love it. It stays in my truck all the time, and I just used it again the other day.
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Hey y'all, did anyone else have trouble getting verified. It keeps telling me I started the process but its paused and when I hit resume all it asks for is my birthday

Shay Helm
Shay Helm @Amish Hey James! It sounds like you might be caught in the DOD check portion of the application. Shoot us over an email to and we can help to get you verified.
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Looking for a place to stay during a public land rabbit hunt around Osceola Iowa. Will have 10 beagles and 4 hunters. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I’m looking to get into saddle hunting, I’ve narrowed it down to the tethrd phantom and the Cruzer XC… anyone have any advice on which one to pick?

#saddlehunting #saddle 
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Are the worksharp field sharpeners no longer apart of the program? Theyve been out of stock for months and worksharp says theyre selling them still, also amazon has plenty in stock.

Cameron McDonald
Cameron McDonald @mathom27 Thanks for touching base. Worksharp is awesome! they are totally still on our platform :) they have limited inventory, so they are assessing the quantities for PRO orders. They have to make sure they are meeting margins before they can offer and discounted items.
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