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12 days ago
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Jack Bosley
Jack Bosley Nice one, congratulations.
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Steve Wiedmeier
13 days ago
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My son Riley with his largest bear to date.
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Gary Whitbeck Wow what a color phase!
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Chadwick Phillips
15 days ago
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My first antelope.
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Cale Smith
Cale Smith Heck yeah man! Congrats!
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Tyler Barnard
4 months ago
Do to my experience with this grizzly last fall, I'd like to remind everyone to learn about bears. As the population is rapidly growing, outdoorsman are having more and more encounters. With the increased encounters, we are having more attacks/fatalities. Prepare yourself and have a great summer.

As the summer carries on and people are starting to adventure out, I am willing to answer any questions people have about bear awareness. If you're hiking, fishing, or hunting you are likely in bear country. Know how to handle an encounter.

Tips for hunting bear country with a partner:
1) Don't disregard the use of bear spray, but don't rely on it either. This griz ran right through the spray.

2) Go over bear encounter situations with the people you are with and be reliant on your own skills. You never know how the other person will react if an incident happens.

3) Always be prepared. Have firepower (PRACTICE), carry good ammunition, and have reliable communication device.

4) IMMEDIATELY CONTACT YOUR STATES GAME AND FISH if you have to deploy bear spray or fire your weapon on a bear. They say the investigation process of killing a griz is close to killing a human, it's true. If you are afraid for your life or someone else's, don't hesitate to shoot. Don't lose your life over the thought of fees and/or loss of license.

5) Get on YouTube, study black bear and grizzly behavior. Watch more than one video. They all have important information. There are slight differences in the way a bear will carry itself while approaching you. Knowing whether or not it is being aggressive towards you or just simply curious can save you a lot of hassle.
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Gary Whitbeck He could have done a lot of damage. Good advice.
Justin Baker
Justin Baker Very well stated glad you and everyone else are safe
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