Wild Brown Trout Fishing in Scotland

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Wild Brown Trout Fishing in Scotland at Scotland (SCT) is a Fishing trip that starts on March until October.
We are fishing Trout and Brown Trout.
Costs from $350.00 to $7,500.00.


Enjoy a day fly fishing for Scotland's amazing brown trout. Within this offering you can choose between targeting sea run browns, loch dwelling browns (drifting, trolling or hiking in) or river browns.

Option 1. Drifting in a boat fly fishing for trout is the most popular fishing style in Scotland, and for good reason! This fishing style which we call 'loch style' involves using wet flies, to tease trout to take. You won't be able to experience the rich tradition of Scottish loch style fishing elsewhere (except perhaps in Ireland), and you'll discover why it's so popular in Scotland. This is our traditional way of fly fishing for trout.

Option 2. Fly fishing the rivers for brown trout is an addictive and continually intriguing fishing style. The rivers of Scotland are never stocked with trout. The trout you catch are totally wild and exceptionally beautiful. Using tactics such as the upstream dry, cross stream spiders, close quarter nymphing and swinging streamers you can tempt t

Pricing Details

One angler £250 Two anglers £175 per person Three anglers £150 per person

From there on it stays at £150 per person up to 50 people (we hire more guides so it's one guide for every 3 guests)

​Included in the price is the permit to fish, transport from your accommodation to the fishing venue, attentive guidance, casting instruction (as required), photos of your trip, and all the necessary fishing equipment including waders if river fishing (please let me know your shoe size). All that you need to bring is warm, waterproof clothing and a hat or cap.

Trout fishing is cheaper per person than salmon fishing as a result of permit prices. Unlike in many countries where you can buy a state permit and that allows you to fish any public water, in Scotland you have to make an arrangement with the private owner. 88% of Scotland's land is in private hands and the rest needs a specific permit too. Generally speaking trout permits cost less than £50 per day, however salmon permits are often in excess of £100 for the day.

Lunch can also be provided on request.

Terms & Conditions

As per salmon fishing package


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Season Dates
From March to October
Trout, Brown Trout
Trip Lengths
All Day, Multi-Day
Water Types
Lake, River, Stream
Fly-in / Fly-out
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Fishing Methods
Fly Fishing, Trolling
Mobility Options
Drift Boat, Canoe, Float Tube, Wading
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